About Me

Self emplyed as Electronic Designer and Integrator.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering, and am in the process of getting a second degree in Automation and Control (in italy this is under Engineering too).
Also attended a 10 month trainship at an istitute part of the CNR (www.cnr.it italian research institute) where I worked on autonomous marine vehicles.

I love techology, show me a new futuristic thing and next thing you know i’m eating up all the internet looking for infos about it, hacks and mods :p

I’ve also done amateur acting (3 yrs in an amateur theater company), we presented Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,  Beyond the Rainbow (Aggiungi un posto a Tavola in italian) and a first Totò the Good, written by the director of the company based on a novel and a film from the 1950s titled Miracle in Milan.

I love practicing sports, watching not so much. Am not a soccer fan, although i seldom read the status reports of the local football team (AS Roma). I prefer Kung Fu (which I’ve been practicing for some years now) and swimming. But don’t dislike sports that allow social gathering like: bowling, soccer matches with friends, ice skating (or better ice falling!). I really dig kart racing! There’s a track here that, if you are a big company like 20 or more people, you can have all for youself for half an hour! You then have warm-ups, practice laps, qualifications and race! All for some 30€ or so! It’s really fantastic, adrenaline pumping through your veins in the literal term! And getting the hang of a kart… drifting galore!!! Sincerely advice you try it 🙂

I enjoy reading, cinema, music (but am quite sophisticated at that…).

Well that’s me… more or less… quite less actually :p


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