Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 13 February 2012

A (for real this time) good deal!

Ok after the bad experience of the low cost oscilloscope, I think I have to share the symmetrical experience with my new printer.

After years with an HP inkjet MFC 4180C I decided that a REAL printer was needed.

I got a Brother 7460DN.

Brother 7460DN MFC

Brother 7460DN MFC

Cost: 200€ shipped.
It’s a nice laser MFC.
I chosed it almost exclusively for two features: ethernet and automatic full-duplex.

My father and I in fact already sharea printer (the inkjet mfc), and I was really sick of having to go to some copying shop to get even 5 pages. The InkJet was not only slow, it didn’t have duplex, and it costed the hell to print!
Really: at 35~40€ per ink cartdrige printing was on the hideously costly side, all the more because I never got it to print correctly without the color cartdrige! When colors were zip or thereabout, you’d see any page, even a stupid Word text, being printed in cyan or magenta or something complitely different from the black you were expecting.
And then I also had to run an always-on server just to share the darn thing on the network (it was just a usb printer).
Since I also have a NAS doing most of the work for my network, the server was pretty much useless.

So I went hunting, looking for the right set of features without going insane.

When the 7460 arrived the first thing I noticed is the amount of software it wanted to install, and I was a little critic about this.
I’m always for the less intrusive pieces of technology (love the “portableapps” kind of things!).

And indeed it would work with standard PS drivers I suspect but those hefty drivers have a very nice feature:

you can associate your computer with the printer so that any time you are at the printer side and scan a document/image, you can choose the computer on which to upload the file directly from the printer control panel! No more shuffling back and forth from printer to pc. On my father’s WinXP rig it’s seamless: you just press the “Scan” button and the file appears in the documents folder.
On Win7, as usual with all the complexitites of that OS which I love nevertheless, it asks you for an action to take.
Just like when inserting a pendrive or cd.
You can anyway assign a default action, and it will just do that.
This is one of the most brilliant features I’ve seen on a printer: no funky special apps, just press a button and the drivers do the rest!

A nice touch is also the fax system: nothing’s emulated, this MFC has a real fax.
It can work with PABX, answering machines, and your pc. It can store faxes to later forward to the pc when it comes online, or just print them out. It can be configured to wait a number of rings in case the line is shared with a telephone, or wait for a tone code to trigger the receiving. And it can obviously send and receive from pc.

You can also manage most of its features from a browser, not the most advanced interface, but it manages to get things done.

And there is even more!
I bought it during a promotion!
For 200€ I got the MFC and a USB Label Printer!

Brother Label Printer QL500

Brother Label Printer QL500

I still have to try it, but it’s an 80€ gift nontheless! Nothing to be ashemed of, don’t you think?
Sure I’m no label man, but since it’s free… Who’s going to complain?

This one’s been one of my best deals, since my still pumping Creative Audigy 2 ZS.
That one deserves a post of its own: it has something like 10 years, and it’s still a wonderfull 7.1 soundcard, driving my Creative 5.1 speakers on my gaming pc. And I payed about 130000ITL for it! 67.14€… other times 😛



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