Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 22 January 2012


Long time since last time.
I wish it were for publicing some nifty new toy, or script, or whatever.
Sadly I feel the need to publicly share a disappointing event in the Italian history.

At this link you can read the machine-translation of an article appeared in the online version of the second italian newspaper “La Repubblica”.

The article describes how the Digos (a branch of the national Police force) had some demonstrators of the Socialist party HIDE THE NATIONAL FLAG for public order reasons.
You see those pacific Socialists unrolled a 20m long Italian flag on purpose to counter-demonstrate against marching Lega party members.
This party (the Lega party) is a secessionist movement, often asking for more money and rights to be moved to the northern regions.
This party was the main supporter besides Berlusconi’s own movement of the last Berlusconi’s government.
Its leader, Umberto Bossi, has been nominated Minister of Federal Reforms without even a first level degree in anything.
In fact this man leads one of the most influent italian parties without being able to give a decent speech (and I’m not referring to his recent medical status), and without adeguate capabilities I may add.
Still people votes for him and his movement, follow him, and force the Italian Police to have the Italian flag hidden for fear of riots.

So instead of punishing those who insult national symbols (like mr Bossi almost weekly does), this country prefers to hide those symbols for the sake of peace.

I think this clears a bit why Italians are Italians to all those buffled foreigners.

Never heard of USA police having the flag lowered…


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