Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 30 May 2011

Applified ASUS!

ASUS PadFone Revealed (property of

ASUS PadFone Revealed (property of

Yes, that’s true. This is an ASUS (Taiwan) actual product, slated to ship later this summer. Kind of an Atrix 4G concept brought to the extreme: you can not only dock with anything that has an HDMI, but you also have specialized docks like… like a tablet!

Now compared to the Atrix this one has a more SonyEricsson Arc-esque design (a plus imho) and lacks the full-desktop experience (irrilevant for me as I would never use that, if ever I need a big screen, then I need big power too… apart from watching films that is).
All in all it seems a product well designed. Now only tech details are missing, and a price. Trivialities right?

And now the real show… the real APPLIFICATION of ASUS.


ASUS own UX21 ultra(REALLY!)-thin laptop. This one can mount up to a core-i7 and is still slimmer then a MacAir!
Although admittedly it seems to lack some ports, but maybe it sports a micro-HDMI instead of a full sized one. Battery and other details (like, say, price and availabilty) are still MIA.

Could it be that some designer escaped the hot crowded streets of Cupertino for the hotter-busier crowded street of HongKong?


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