Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 10 February 2011

New kind of music (and maybe not)


This may seem utter crazyness. Maybe it is 😛
But to an engineer’s heart this is akin to poetry: how to work a magic, shifting someone else’s hard laboured fruit of the genious to a totally unforseeable destiny!

Many have used floppy disks, and much more will never do. I for one have never had a 5.4″ floppy drive, I started with 3.5″ already.
I remember the lingering pain, the subtle fear each time a disk was slid in the drive: will it read? (to paraphrase a nowadays famous motto)
Thousands of unreadable sectors, thousands of curses and oaths.
Monkey Island 1 mokery: “please insert disk #114
Duke Nukem 3D: zipped on something like 33 disks… and you had to unzip them all to play!!! (via command line to boot)

Ah geek memories 😀

Another video to savor it good.


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