Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 8 February 2011

America is hill: where’s my next dose?

Don’t know WHEN it started, but it surely did. A strange form of crazyness creeped in the american people, slowly infecting the whole population till everyone now believes that everything is a service.
Love, sex, education, morale, wellbeing, religion, everything is a service: provided by someone for a cost.
The new “Confession: a Roman Catholic App” really says it all.
And the bishops even agree!

I don’t know where to begin to understand this culture. How can you ever see everything through the lens of consumism? Even faith!
I myself am not a believer, more of a rational, but my education was catholic and there is nothing farther from buy&sell then faith. Faith and religion are the grey-est greys in the world, there is nothing like a straight line when it comes to beliefs, gods and the likes. Everyone is on his own, accepting or refusing words of wisdom from appointed figures or old writings. If you believe in the catholic God and his teachings, how can you even imagine a confession app? A series of taps on a screen computing a number of prays to say based on an averaged collection of sins? Is faith now a branch of mathematics? Or statistics maybe.

American people have a lot of good things, but this dependence on services, this worshipment of technology is endagering their wellbeing: a sane mind can’t appel to a phone to be guided in religious matters. Unless, that is, religion became a whidespread hobby and noone told me. That may very well be.


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