Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 29 January 2011

I had a dream…

Quite literally!
I was dreaming of some kind of civil war, reprisals against anti-berlusconian people.
I was carried away with hundreds, shoved under the scrutinizing eyes of thrusted guards, until i noticed a pair of eyes watching.
They were the prime minister’s eyes. I started shouting something like “this is how you act, you coerce people, you threathen!“, in light of the danger my words could shake and wake the servile people being conducted away with me, i was taken out of the croud. I then found myself in a big room, a huge living room, full of statues, but my mind seemed convinced that was some kind of old royal house, and the style was not Berlusconi’s own.
I was brought there and Berlusconi started yelling at me, that I was why Italy was failing; I, and people like me, were the spark from which violence emerged. I then noticed a figure similar to somebody. No names, but a very old man, one of those whose wrinkled face enlightens your heart at the very watching, one of those people you could never be angry at.
This was a very ancient president of Italy, a kind of living mummy, or more precisely a figure like the the Abraham Lincoln from “A night at the museum: Battle for the Smithsonian”. And we started talking about how times have changed, how things have fallen in an everdescending dark spiral in which nobody even tries to help any more.

In light of this, I finally awoken to a dimly lit grey morning.
Loading up some news, Repubblica reports from a World Economic Fund meeting of a closed-doors event titled “Special Case Italy”.
The newspaper titles:
Davos, Italy under trial: a marginal and declining country

An article about the very same subject is available on the institutional government site:
Governo Italiano
This time the title says “In Davos ongoing discussions about the Italy case: “There is a strong but invisible country”

I think the difference in titling alone quite says it all.
But anyway I could not find articles from other sources online it appears nobody has written anything on this.
And if this meeting was behind closed-door then it’s believable.
While Repubblica uses harsh words, it reports interventions from multiple speakers. The Government page instead reports only italian speakers answers, but not the questions, enphasizing the few positives found.


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