Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 22 January 2011

Obama and Berlusconi’s Blackberry?

While current USA President mr. Obama fought every possibile national security concern to keep his very own mobile phone (the now infamous blackberry), mr. Berlusconi probably doesn’t even know how to use a blackberry.
While President Obama’s discussions are all filtered, analyzed, detailed, and traceable, President Berlusconi strenously fights his supposed right to discretion, accusing on a daily basis the judges of instrusion in his private life.
While the private number of the President of the USA is nowhere to be seen, few people have it (I remember an article in which was stated that as few as 10 people have the direct number to the President mobile, unfortunately I can’t find it online), the private number of President Berlusconi is in tens, probably hundreds of phone books around Italy. And thanks to this wide availability, it has now been published online.
Still Berlusconi fights his supposed rights to personal freedom.
Berlusconi is Italy Prime Minister, a duty with many heavy responsibilities.
Responsibilities have the habit to come with privileges, notoriety, money but also burdens, difficulties, limitations.
Governing a nation gives power, but because power is required to produce results and steer the nation through heavy weather, storms and shallow waters. Power is one of many bi-sided weapons: a rocket launcher can defeat a tank, but the recoil and the air compression can kill the launcher. Power can attain great results, but it has to be controlled in the exertion. Berlusconi crys foul at every attempt at controlling his power, like a baby launching food on the table, seeing the spoon been taken away by the mother. Corrective measures are required in every system, corrective measures are what make simple causal effects, into purposeful systems able to obtain something. Corrective measures are the principal griving of President Berlusconi: he feels undercut, betrayed every time anyone tries to apply a counter weight to his actions, but weights and counter weights are the very essence of politics.
What do responsibilities mean?
They mean that national security is a concern, and that the prime minister’s own direct number shouldn’t be so widely availabe a buccerer that found a lost teenager phone could find that number on it.
They mean that police forces whose duty is to protect the prime minister, should not get so used to see cars come and go from the private residences, to no more enforce controls.
Responisibilities mean that there are people you are obliged to answer to, rather then refuse to do so.
A power is a mutual exchange: someone gives the luxury of decision to someone else, but retains judgment on the use of such capacity. Accumulation of power for the sole purpose of excerting it without ever answering to any pledge, question, doubt or concern is just plain authoritarism.
Unluckily for us Italians the profound comprehension of duty, of serving the nation, of working for a nation is lost in this political period. No one in the wide ensable of the parliament feels any more proud in accusing such behaviours, then in waiting with preying hands some crumbles from potent’s table.


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