Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 21 January 2011

Berlusconi’s court life résumé

Reading articles this morning, I came accross this brief, condensed, overview of Berluconi’s court life.
Defendant in 16 trials.
4 still not resolved and being debated: corruption in the Mills affaire, fiscal fraud regarding media rights acquired by Mediaset, misappropriation in the Mediatrade affaire, and the current one for exploitation of prostitution and exaction.
Among the concluded trials, only three have ended with a ruling of absolution:
-one full absolution in the Sme-Ariosto/1 process (bribery of judges of the Rome court)
-dubitative absolution for the process regarding Medusa black funds
-dubitative absolution for the bribery of the Guardia di Finanza; condemend in first grade for corruption, declared guilty but prescribed thanks to generic mitigating factors in appeal, absolved by the Cassazione for probationary inadequacy.

Following the de-penalization of accounting-fraud by his own government, Berlusconi is discharged because the offence is not provided for any more by law in two trials:
-All Iberian/2

Two amnesties get rid of the offence and estringuish the verdict (guilty) inflicted for perjury (he forged the dates regarding the date he joined the P2) and accounting-fraud (Macherio lands).

He has been saved five times with generic mitigating factors that in Italy are granted to those who are declared guilty.
In another three cases, the mitigating factors allow him to peruse the halved proscription he fabricated thanks to his role of Prime Minister: All Iberian/1 (illicit funding to Craxi), Lentini case, Fininvest budget books 1988-92, black funds in the consolidated of Fininvest (for 1500 mld ITL), Mondadori affaire (Berlusconi own lawyer Cesare Previti bribes the judge, both the lawyer and the judge have been condemned).

Original article is here (in italian).

I fail to understand how this person can still say he is being persecuted.
If you play with water you can get wet… does it still apply?
Or can we really say that being wet does not imply playing with water?


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