Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 20 January 2011

BREAKING: New Berlusconi’s Party founded!

Hot on the heels of the recent sex scandals, in an effort to show discouraged people his openhartedness and will to straight things up, this evening Silvio Berlusconi founded his new party. Building on years of presence in Italy, the old “Popolo delle Libertà” (People for Freedoms) now becomes the all new
Partito del Labbro (People for (botox) Lips)
And here is the new official logo

According to recent research conducted by Berlusconi own statistical company (the IFN: IstatForNever, a subsidiary of Mediatrade), people are positively influenced by botoxed lips: since many politicians loose the ability to convey emotions, they automatically become more proficient at hiding uncomfortable thruths, moreover the inherent lips shape women show after an application of botox has been demonstrated remembers men of happy moments, thus alluring them in a sense of security towards the speaker. That was a main reason for Berlusconi to prefer women who use botox in his entourage. It is still up to debate whether botox on male politicians has the same effect on women electors.
More news as they develop.


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