Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 12 January 2011

And I thought this would have been a Tech Blog…

I would have liked it. I would have liked to post about my tests, my programs, my ongoing project at work…
It’s just that politics keeps intruding in a violent manner.
Don’t you people feel something clenching to your stomach, making you throw up, when you see a politician answering questions like “I’m innocent, this will be proven in the court, I won’t leave my office. Not now, not anytime soon.” ???
It makes me sick.
Italy has become the champion in avoiding dimissions. The national Anthem now sounds something like
“Fratelli d’Italia
L’Italia s’è assisa
Da questa poltrona
Ne più mai s’alzerà”

Which I could translate like
“Brothers Italian
Italy has sit
From this chair
it will never rise again”

And I could go on.
So listen here:
-the Rome mayor (PDL) has zeroed the town council, and is facing fierce criticism for the proposed F1 GP of Rome
-the Lazio Governor (PDL) is closing Emergency wards in Rome as well as other Health facilities and has to face waste problems regarding the filling up of the main Rome landfill (Malagrotta)
-the Italian Government (PDL), faced with the highest young unemployment data as well as lowest buying power since the late 90s, subscribes education cuts, pulls out of any industrial discussions (major one going on: FIAT), and finds time to say that Abruzzo people (victim of the worst earthquake since decades) are a pull on the national economy: they’ve received aids but have sprout nothing by themselves, simply relaying on external help.

This what Italy is now.
A civil war under cover: everyone fights for everything, and the more they had, the fiercer they fight.
I live where the supposed GP should take place. The most important part of what they have showed till now is the thousands cubic meters that would be built for commerce.
The government (town government in this case) is effectively offloading everything to privates: in exchange for the land and authorization, the privates will build the GP facilities all the while building tons of ugly edificies to fill with thertiary commercial exercises.
All of this to be carried out in an ex sport training center: there were gym courses, tennis, rugby, soccer fields, as well as skating parks, and many more facilities all integrated in a famouse pole called “Le Tre Fontane”.
It has been closed ever since, a public green area devoted to recreation and youth well-being has been stolen from the population. It’s rotting right now and its proposed destination is: commercial buildings.
As if our economy was blossoming!
But you don’t read this on newspaper, as you don’t read the critics Fuksas (who doesn’t know Fuksas???) has received for pointing out the obvious: before even thinking of a Grand Prix, maybe it would be best to lay out the plans for the infrastructures needed for the new Congress Center being built in the same district: the Nuvola.
He says he was promised, when his Firm won the contract, many infrastructures: a whole new parking system, tapis-roulant from the sub-station, a new bridge to facilitate connection with the highway.
None of this has even been planned, let alone awarded to any contractor. And still they are fantasizing about a GP.
We are not the Monaco Principate, we will never mount everything in 10 days just to take everything back to normal in the 5 days after. We are italians. Things are destined to rot ever after.
You know why?
Because the only interest our people are educated to pursue is: the highest money right now.
Nothing crosses their nose apart from EUROs.
If you all fail to understand how Italy works it’s because the real deal is money: submerged money.
Money whose legal name does not correspond to the real recipient.
Trace that, and italian politics will become crystalline.

The rights of the images belong to the original owners, the images have been found through Google Images.
If they are found to be illicitly used in this case, I will take them down upon notice.

Update: here a link to the translation (horrible, really almost unreadable) of an article depicting Emergency wards’ situation in the Lazio region. It’s sad and startling to say the least: ambulances out of order for almost 20h because litters are needed to host patients??? Utter crazyness, but it’s the norm in Italy.


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