Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 12 December 2010

Stolen Future

I always end up seriously annoying my girlfriend when i start muttering about Italy and all its idiosyncrasies. But seriously, can we fall deeper then this? Absolutely yes. The major lacking is in the Foreseeing Department, Ministry of Salt.

My father got his degree in the 1965, started teaching chemistry at some high school, moved on to testing fuels for a chemical company. Ended up a big head in another chemical company makeing thousands a month. Possibility and probability of me ending the same?

Zilch. None. Kaput.
An electronics engineer in the same company right now is payed in the low 1200/month and his taks it maintenance for gas pumps. No not some fancy hyper-technological pump, the ones you drive your cars to to refuel. Italy has stopped any decent social flow: there is no movement at all.

You were born rich you stay rich or bad for you. You were born poor, well… better luck next time. Only movement you see is to give and take favors from politicians, that’s how people get new DECENT jobs. All the rest are struggling for crumbles dropping from the riches’ tables. Think it’s a bleak picture? Teachers are paid the less, the more young are their pupils while it should almost be the contrary, maternary schools are where your children learn to read, write and count. Not mentioning get educated first. Well some principals are asking parents to have their children bring toilet papers themselves! Toilet paper! Those children are often even incapable of using a toilet by themselves!

Unbelievable as it sounds I give you some links (obviously in italian) about these problems: Repubblica on some school logistics A touching letter to a consumer protection agency (Adiconsum) A very enlightening post with detailed spendings for a family in Milan with two children

That’s not to talk about comparisons in knowledge between european students and italian students. My mother was a teacher, i could write a book with all the stories she and her collegues told about lowly personal education, incapacity of formulating complex sentences, lack of understaing of roles and responsibilities. Should i point out that my mother was a teacher in high school? A friend at work told me a story the other day, after graduating in physics he thought about getting a second degree in engineering, since the first one and a half year are almost the same. So he went to the lessons of the first year. Students on the first row with phones playing music, making fun of the teacher in gross dialect, launching things. Nothing you haven’t seen in school in some days, but this was the norm at university! Sure the teacher can’t get a pull on his class in such cases, but a university teacher shouldn’t find himself in the same cage of untamed animals a primary schoold teacher does. Otherwise you are entitled to think that 13 years of school system have turn to nothing. And you’d be right.

I’ve recently gone to Berlin for leisure. You can see the difference even in the tube: young boys and girls are more relaxed, mind their business, a lot more you find reading during their trips (a kind of miracle if you see some youngster with some written paper in his hands in Italy), and even the dress code is more adult! Not those noisy, fancy, rude guys you see the metro full of here in Rome.

I would like some divine big hand to descend upon Italy and straight things out against all the inertia of the unwilling and uneducated population. Sadly this won’t happen. But how to cure the nation wide spreading of sloth is a theme for another post.


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