Posted by: Claudio Carbone | 12 December 2010

Another trip to Berlin

Third time I’ve been in Berlin. Can’t but like this city.

I’ve seen it during winter two times, the third time before the reconstruction during a school trip in 1999. Potsdamer Platz was still a big building site, no Sony Center or Arkaden. I’m old I know :p

A city who has whitstood probably the biggest and heaviest of the WW2, closely followed by Paris and London. But those two haven’t been cut in two like Berlin. Here you can still see two totally different cultures flowing until they mix up. It’s like a gradient in Photoshop, you can’t see where a shade ends and another starts (unless you zoom in to the pixel, but luckily you can’t do that in real life). I am entused by this town.

This time around there was snow everywhere, and it was really really nice! Cold, but Canadians and Swedish could surely lought at that (-10° C as the coldest temp is almost spring for Canada and Sweden). On the contrary we were dressed up like we could die any minute! 4 layers below waist, 5 or 6 above. But we are mediterranean, we are not used 😛

Anyway the air is different, I don’t know if it’s just that i’m not a Berliner and thus ignorance is bliss, and everything looks shiny. But I really feel like I could live there. People feel more like people and less like peones to me. Services are up and running, personell in the museums spoke so perfect an english, that I was looking for questions to pose them! It’s multicultural, full of people from different nationalities, but they don’t look like immigrants. We in Rome are full of mid-easterners too, tons of Doner Kebab shops, but they are not integrated. They keep to their enclosed and hidden societies, they speak terrible italian, they don’t do other then those two things: kebab, and windshield cleaning at traffic lights. And this is the same for chinese, philippines, turkish, or any other immigrants.

There in Berlin I found people from all nationalities working in normal shops, services, restaurants. I can’t refrain from asking what is the difference, why they can and we can’t. But… change of topics: food.

The german cuisine is surely limited if compared to italian (well, this must be the most “really? you serious???” thing of 2010), but Berlin is not. You can find every conceivable foreign Kuche (kitchen in german): italian, french, turkish, vietnamese, thai, chinese, japanese, spanish, austrian, and so on. And even if looking somewhat limited, German street food is quite tasty. The ever present currywurst is delicious, but you have to find a spot using decent curry. And kartoffelnpuffer are a must!
So simple a thing, but so delicious!
Essentialy they make a paste of potatoes, and fry it in abundant oil just like french fries. So delicious!
They even have them with sweet souces, like apple jam. But I prefer it with garlic sauce.
First thing in 2011 I’m gonna make some of them 🙂
So that i can’t forget that taste… until i get back to Germany that is 😛


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